Your Arrival in Sydney, Australia

the stunning Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a popular destination while in Sydney for obvious reasons.

Australia is one of the most popular international destinations. Millions of international visitors arrive Down Under each year. Because Oz is so far away, the plane ticket is often the most expensive part of the holiday.

How far is it?

The average plane ride from the UK to Australia takes about twenty-four hours and travels around 10,000 miles. One standard rule of air travel is the more jet fuel you burn, the more expensive the trip. And since few destinations exhaust more fuel than Australia, the plane ride is extremely expensive. About a thousand pounds, since you asked.

What can tourists do to find cheaper rates? Because flights to Australia are so expensive, most tourists are well aware of what it takes to find low-price tickets. First, you must always book your flight as soon as you possibly can. A last-minute ticket to Australia could cost thousands. Next, you must compare prices on travel review sites. All of the top sites offer free price comparisons of all the top airlines.

Unfortunately, that is only going to get you a standard thousand-pound ticket. As we said, everyone already shops around and books ahead, so don’t expect a discount for doing the same. The bottom line is that it’s a long trip and you’re always going to end up paying quite a bit.

However, there are a few things you can do to save dollars.

First and most importantly, register for a frequent flyer mile programme, if you haven’t already. Most airlines will grant you 25,000 or 30,000 miles just for signing up and you can use those miles on your trip Down Under. Of course, it’s important to make sure the airline actually flies to Australia before you hand in your application.
And if you already have miles on an account, you can use them even if they aren’t enough to get you to Australia. Since it is often cheaper than purchasing a ticket, simply buying the miles you need to make up the difference may be the way to go.

Sydney is Australia’s most popular city for international tourists. Each year, around 2.7 million of them arrive at Sydney Airport to start their Aussie Holiday. Traffic has become so heavy that there have been repeated requests for a second major airport in the popular tourist town. As you may know, Australia is one of the most popular international destinations for residents of the UK. About 700,000 of them travel Down Under each year, and many of them end up in Sydney. But because it is such a long flight, around 24 hours, the average Australian vacation is also quite long.

Guests often stay in Australia between 10 and 14 days. Sometimes they spend that time in a single city, in the vast Australian Outback, or they move around a bit. The most popular flights in Australia are Sydney to Melbourne flights.

As we mentioned, Sydney is the main entry point for most tourists from the UK. But Melbourne is a close second when it comes to international guests with nearly two million arriving each year. Many of these tourists come directly from Sydney.Why is this? For starters, Sydney is just an hour away by plane. Flights are efficient and affordable and depart about a dozen times each day. International tourists should always secure their seats a few weeks in advance for substantial cost savings.


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